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Thursday, October 6

Trey and Page Discuss a number of topics with the Wall Street Journal

Trey and Page Discuss a number of topics with the Wall Street Journal. Everything from Big Boat, Fare Thee Well, Halloween and Phish slowing down as a band over the next two years. 

  The  Wall Street Journal  did an insightful interview with Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell of The Phish. They discussed the making of “Big Boat” mostly, the band's 13th album which officially gets released tomorrow. But Trey also discussed  “Fare Thee Well” and the band’s past and future. 
     “Democracy is Love, but it can backfire”,Trey explained as he explained their approach to making “Big Boat”.  “We’re a band that communicates really well, but people are so scared of hurting each other’s feelings that things can slide by. Bob [Ezrin] was the antidote to that. He expressed his strong opinions about song selection and everything else. Because of his track record, we all accepted his wisdom”. 
    Trey went on to explain that playing with the surviving members of The Grateful Dead last summer had a profound impact on him. “I stood on stage looking at 80,000 people vibrating, and old friends hugging, and I was just overcome,” Anastasio said. “It’s so much bigger than the band, and we respect that. I think you will see us slow down and do some different things over the next two years.”
    Trey went on to express his feelings on where he perceived Phish was at.. Or how he put it  “Phish Phase One started when we were 18 and just wanted to make music. Then we went great guns like we were never going to stop, and the race car smashed into the wall. Phase Two started in 2009 as a new cycle, with different management and structure, and we feel very lucky to have arrived at this very comfortable, very professional place.” Trey went on to how excited they are for this year's Halloween show. 
I guess we are actually in Phish 2.0. I am may have to hit up M.S.G. Year. Head here for the complete Q&A.