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Friday, October 28

Today's FRYday Grateful Dead Show celebrates Brent's belated b-day and the new Dave's Pick. 3-31-89

 This show from Greensboro,NC has a great feel to it. Everyone, especially Jerry and Brent, were in great form and turned in wonderful performances.
The "Hey Pocky Way" from this show made it to the "So Many Roads" box set and there are a couple of stories from rail riders offering a huge nug to Brent to play it. The chant, " We Want Brent" went up and Jerry looked over and laughed as if to say, "They're not going to stop until you do it". I would have loved to have been there and seen that.

The show has plenty of highlights. One of my favorite's being the "Morning Dew" that Jerry just slays. As a matter of fact the show has all my favorite Jerry tunes, "Loser","Sugaree", Brokedown, and a wonderful "Peggy-O" and the lead in to Brent's "I Will Take You Home" from Drums is perfect and that song will make you unless you are dead inside or have never raised a little child. I forgot to mention "Standing on the Moon" in the above-mentioned Jerry tunes but Bobby contributes with solid renditions of "Victim" and "Truckin'" and the "Terrapin" leading into drums is majestic as well. Bobby tosses out a hot "Watchtower" before Jerry's incandescent Dew. This is one of the best of the rest of 1989. Brent was on fire and Jerry was feisty and Bobby and the drummers were all enjoying themselves. I hope you like this show as much as I do. Happy belated birthday Brent and thank you for all you gave us.
Greg Heffelfinger


OneHell In A Bucket ;
Sugaree ;
New Minglewood Blues ;
Peggy-O ;
Me And My Uncle >
Big River ;
Loser ;
Victim Or The Crime ;
Standing On The Moon
TwoHey Pocky Way >
Truckin' >
Terrapin Station >
Drums >
Space >
I Will Take You Home >
All Along The Watchtower >
Morning Dew >
Good Lovin'
Encore:Brokedown Palace

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