The Third Night of Phil and Phriends is one of the finest concerts and Best nights of my life. An editorial by Kevin Long

The Third Night of Phil and Phriends is one of the finest concerts and Best nights of my life. An editorial by Kevin Long 


         The Kevin Long in 1999 had very little responsibility and according to my family, even less ambition. I lived for The Grateful Dead, Phish and Steve Kimock. I had no legal job and all my time was consumed following Phish, Other Ones, S.C.I, KVHW ect. These three historic Phil and Phriend's shows happened quickly, relative to when I heard about them in Memphis, TN. This was 1999 and I was still almost a decade away from meeting the internet. Literally, when I heard about these shows no price or mountain was too high to keep me from my three favorite musical forces combining for three glorious nights at the Warfield. One hell of an expensive plane ticket and still to this day,  the most I ever paid over face value for three tickets and I was there! Something this perfect could not possibly live up to the hype. Phil Lesh, John Molo, Steve Kimock, Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell. Holy Shit! The band members read like a modern day "Derek and The Dominos". Well my friends these fucking concerts took unattainable goals and smashed them.  The first two nights were beyond perfect, they were heavenly. Up to that point it was quite possible the best shows I have ever seen. But we are here to talk about night three. 

         This band had chemistry from the word "Viola Lee Blue's". Still by the third night it was cosmic! The first set started off with a loose Instrumental "Dark Star". Instantly, you knew the night was going to be "Page-singing "Bird Song" good". The opening sequence of Dark Star> It's Up To You >Days Between >Dark Star(1st verse)> My Favorite Things(Instrumental) is so fucking good I can hardly stand to listen to it. "Kimock should join Phish," I thought to myself since his chemistry with Trey was undeniable. I will not ramble on much more since you can now watch these historical shows. Watching them brought back a flood of the best goddamn memories of my life. On this mystical run, where my three musical worlds joined together to make history. From Terrapins where Phil, Trey and Page trade vocal duties to great ends or a "Down with Disease" that melts flawlessly into "Dark Star"'s, well that would be my ideal afterlife. For three nights life was perfect and you can't put a price tag on that. Thank you to all who were involved in sharing these timeless shows on YouTube. You made this forty one year old remember just how good it got. Watch Below. 

* – w/ Donna Jean Godchaux

April 17, 1999

Set One: Dark Star (instrumental)> It’s Up To You (instrumental), Days Between> Dark Star (1st verse)> My Favorite Things (instrumental), *Mississippi Half-Step, *Bird Song (Page) 

Set Two: Terrapin Station (Phil and Trey on leads, all on backup)> Down With Disease (Trey)> Dark Star (2nd verse-Page on lead vocal), Friend Of The Devil, Casey Jones (Trey), Morning Dew> *Going Down The Road Feeling Bad> And We Bid You Goodnight 

Encore: Box Of Rain

* – w/ Donna Jean Godchaux

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