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Monday, October 17

The Nobel Prize Committee have given up knock knock knocking on Bob Dylan's Door.

 The Nobel Prize Committee have given up knock knock,  knocking on Bob Dylan's Door. 


According to several reports, including Consequences of Sound, Bob Dylan has not returned the several attempts to get in touch with him by the Nobel Committee. 
    Committee Secretary Sara Danius recently reported to Sweden’s state radio that the committee has given up on trying to get a hold of Bob Dylan who they just gave one of their most well-known honors.
    According to reports by The Guardian they have gotten pleasant responses by those closest to him and that is good enough for now. They fully expect Bobby to be at the ceremony. His “ Never Ending Tour” is taking a break and he has the date free. 
      I can't say why Bob Dylan has remained silent after winning such a prestigious award. It maybe because the public backlash of him winning the award. I think it's more of a case of Bobby being  himself, obstinate to the end. Either way the answer will remain blowing in the wind. 
Kevin Long