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Friday, October 14

Phish Season is Now Open

Phishing Season is Now Open
Words:Kevin Long Photos: Ron Adelberg 

  There is not many more beautiful phrases than Phish Fall Tour. I love indoor arenas and the energy that bounces around the room. CK5 has 360 degrees to paint his magic and has way more influence on the show. Last time I saw Phish they played three quality performances at Dicks. If you compared them to most of summer tour the shows were legendary. They definitely have momentum heading into tonight. 
      Phish is usually more patient during Fall Tour and the music always benefits greatly. 2009 is a perfect example on how the music improves when the spotlight of summer dims. One good sign is the dirty south rarely meets fall tour and that will change tonight. Gamehendge loves the South and was all but ignored this summer. I would be surprised if our favorite characters don't show their faces. I predict a Fall Tour on par with the summer of 2015. They are firing on all cylinders and the next few weeks will be one scorcher after another. Halloween is in fucking Las Vegas and is anybody's guess. I have been on the bus since 1992 and it's so hard to predict what Vermont’s finest will do and how they will play. One thing is certain. Phishing season is now open and the best band touring today will continue their legacy while we Blaze On in amazement. 

Tickets are still available for most of the South.