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Saturday, October 15

Phish Performs a Saturday Night Special

Phish Performs a Saturday Night Special in South Carolina. Setlist and 411. 


       On Saturday Phish played for the second night at the North Charleston Coliseum. The show got started with the first “Blaze On” opener ever. I would love it as an opener although this version was straightforward. “What's the Use” as gone from a bust out to a regular in the first set. The rest of the first set highlighted songs from the second half of their career. The glaring exception being a first set “Carini” and a always welcomed “Lengthwise”.
    The second set opened with “Mercury” and I love this song and will not understand how it did not make the new album. Just has it begun to get interesting, Trey led the band into “Twist”. This is basically how the second set went mostly Saturday Night. In my opinion the best jam of the night came from the live debut of “I Always Wanted It This Way.”It explored some interesting territory and has great potential. The back end of the second set highlight was“Joy”. They play Jacksonville tomorrow night for the first time and a webcast is available via live Phish. 

Set 1: Blaze On,  What's the Use?,  Martian Monster,  Devotion To a Dream,  Waking Up Dead,  Timber (Jerry),  Things People Do,  Let Me Lie,  Maze ->  Lengthwise[1] ->  Maze,  Ass Handed,  Carini,  Wolfman's Brother

Set 2: Mercury ->  Twist >  I Always Wanted It This Way[2] >  Miss You,  Fuego ->  Sand,  JoyPossum

Encore: Good Times Bad Times

[1] Sung by Fish over the Maze intro.
[2] Debut.

This show featured the debut of I Always Wanted It This Way. Lengthwise was sung by Fish over the Maze intro. Trey teased What's the Use? in Twist.

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