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Saturday, October 15

Complete Audio, Videos and the 411 on Bob Weir's Show last night.

Complete Audio of Bob Weir's Show last night. 

     As we reported last night Leslie  Mendelson sat in with Bob Weir Friday evening. What I did not realize until I read Jambase  that Aaron Dessner finally got to play in the band and sat in on guitar as well. Practically the entire show! They were literally five guitarist at times. Here is a audio version thanks to Scott Medeiros. Dead Nation appreciates how fast he gets his shows on achieve. The tour continues for another round at The King Theatre. Thanks to Jambase for the collection of videos 

[Big River | Captured by Scott Gibson]


Bob Weir at Kings Theatre

  • Easy to Slip  
  • Loose Lucy  
  • Blue Mountain  
  • Lay My Lily Down
  • Darkest Hour
  • Only a River
  • Ghost Towns
  • Gonesville  
  • Big River  
  • On the Road Again  
  • Rosa Lee McFall  
  • Brown-Eyed Women  
  • Cassidy  
  • Standing on the Moon  
  • Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad  
  • Ki-Yi Bossie  
  • Friend of the Devil

Full Show Audio (Taped by Scott Medeiros)


[Only A River | Captured by Matt Frazier]

[Gonesville | Captured by Matt Frazier]

[Brown Eyed Women | Captured by Matt Frazier]

[Friend Of The Devil | Captured by Matt Frazier]

[Easy To Slip | Captured by Scott Gibson]

[Loose Lucy w/ Technical Issues | Captured by Scott Gibson]

[Lay My Lily Down | Captured by Scott Gibson]

[Ghost Towns | Captured by Scott Gibson]

[On The Road Again | Captured by Scott Gibson]

[Big River | Captured by Scott Gibson]