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Tuesday, October 18

Bob Weir Just Soundchecked with Phish. Listen

Bob Weir Just Soundchecked with Phish. Listen


       For the first time in almost a year I miss Tennessee. It's been almost 16 years since Bob Weir sat in with Phish and it looks like that will change tonight at the intimate venue in Nashville. Bob Weir is in town for his Campfire Tour tomorrow night at The Ryman. Meanwhile extras have just become an impossible to score. Damn! TENNESSEE AINT NO PLACE I RATHER BE! Thanks to Live For Live Music watch! The video is an jammed out Walken Blues. 

. The video features a extended jam rendition of “Walkin’ Blues,” a blues standard that Weir has been singing for years.

Here’s another shorter version, just in case the FB video gets taken down.