Bob Weir's Fundraiser at Sweetwater last night was a Success.

 Bob Weir's Fundraiser at Sweetwater last night was a Success. Videos and 411 
Last night, Bob Weir brought together a huge line-up of amazing talent to raise money for his longtime friend and collaborator John Perry Barlow. Who has suffered over the last 18 months from various ailments that has taken their toll physically and financially.  

   This show was designed to help with the latter as they came together to raise money at Sweetwater, with a glorious night of music. The house band consisted of Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti, Robin Sylvester and Wally Ingram. The night was one highlight after another. One glaring example was S.C.I’s Michael Kang, Jason Hann and Michael Travis,  joined by Kimock, Sylvester and Chimenti ,sitting in with  Claypool Lennon Delirium. They all performed an acoustic version of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”. This is how the night went with all stars like Jerry Harrison performing a few tunes. 

 The one constant was Bob Weir who opened the night with “Loose Lucy” closed with it with “Cassidy”.  He sat in with most of the artist and was clearly the host. He is doing the only thing he knows how, for his longtime friend and the night certainly reflected that sentiment. Thanks to Jambands we have videos to enjoy: 

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