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Thursday, October 6

Bob Weir discusses Dead and Company, Fare Thee Well and "Blue Mountain" in a new interview in Guitar World.

Bob Weir discusses Dead and Company, Fare Thee Well and "Blue Mountain" in a new interview in Guitar World. 

 Bobby Weir is on the cover of the December issue of Guitar World. Alan Paul did a phenomenal job on the feature story as Bob shares his thoughts on everything from “Blue Mountain”, “Fare Thee Well, to the future of “Dead and Company”. 
      Bobby starts the “Campfire Tour” tomorrow in support of his first album of original material in 30 years. Alan Paul asked if the material from “Blue Mountain” will make it into the “Dead and Company” repertoire in which Weir responds “I’m not sure that they work in that context. The bulk of them don’t lend themselves to what Dead and Company do. I’m hugely looking forward to playing these songs live with this band on tour this fall. When Bobby was asked if the Dead and Company would record new material for an album he had little reservation. He replied “Oh Yeah! And I very much look forward to it.” He went on to explain that the band is not actively working on an album at the present time, but definitely plans on making it a reality. He went on about how exhilarating playing with the “Dead and Company” has turned out to be.  Bobby was quoted “It’s been great all around and we’re starting to navigate uncharted waters, which was the whole idea of the endeavor from the beginning. We’re just now getting there, but the band was spitting fire all summer.” I could not agree with that statement more! Dead and Company was a machine this summer. When asked about the differences between The “Fare Thee Well” band and “Dead and Company”, Bobby responded  “Dead and Company is much more of a band. We are a much more cohesive unit then the Fare Thee Well outfit had an opportunity to be. On account of people’s scheduling and things it was very difficult to get much rehearsal in – and we only did five shows!

“Dead and Company put in a lot more rehearsal and then hit the road. And the only way you get a real band is by playing together in front of people. There’s no shortcut. There’s no other way to do it – at least the kind of band we are trying to build. The Fare Thee Well outfit just simply didn’t have that opportunity, which Dead and Company has had. And I think we’ve kicked the ball down the field a fair way.” The issue is on stands now and is a must read.