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Saturday, October 29

Bob Marley and the Wailers Live at the Paris Theater in 1973. Good Morning Everyone!!

  This is from a bootleg called "Love the Lion" and features my favorite lineup of Bob and his bands. I love the early stuff. 73 and earlier. Later when they added the horns and backup singers it started to seem like he was just bringing along all his friends. I love the I-Threes but nothing beats the young Lion!

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live Paris Theatre London 

Title: Love The Lion.
Label: Kiss The Stones Records.
Venue: Live at Paris Theatre, London, 1973.
Recording: Soundboard .

1. Rastaman Chant - 0:00
2. Slave Driver - 3:01
3. Stop That Train - 6:10
4. No More Trouble - 10:13
5. 400 Years - 14:58
6. Midnight Ravers - 19:03
7. Stir it Up - 25:00
8. Concrete Jungle - 30:15
9. Get Up, Stand Up - 36:59
10. Kinky Reggae - 41:25

Lively Up Yourself! After an epic Phish show, there's nothing like a little Bob to start the day. Roll it, Catch a Fire, and smoke it. Enjoy the day.

Greg Heffelfinger.

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