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Monday, October 17

A night at Durty Nellies' Getdown on Thursday the 13th was attended by our one of our own. Sounds like two bands you don't want to miss. By::Micheal Wallentin

From the towns we grew up in around the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois, we have been graced with beautiful, and talented local bands. Many of whom end up leaving the small towns to the big city of Chicago.They play our favorite venues, and move on to play some of our best festivals. For two of these acts, them being brought together makes for one hell of a night.

Chachuba, a band that has had a rotating cast since its beginning, has been storming through their first few years as a band. Gracing places such as the House of Blues Tonic Room, and festivals such as Summer Camp, and Backwoods, it seemed like I saw them everywhere by hitting shows in a number of states on tour over the last few years.
In the genre-defining fringes of jamtronica and fusion-rock, Chachuba has found more than one way of becoming the exception. They pull and push boundaries of sound and rhythm that stand out in a relatively flooded genre of music.
Held together by founders Sean DiCosola (boards) and Jimmy Klimek (guitar), they have found themselves into a one of a kind music experience. Friends must make that bond. Over time they have added new members Nick Bietz on bass, and an absolutely pivotal switch of drummers in Gary Goodheart. The changes brought fullness, camaraderie, and an amazing chemistry to their stage presence. They opened the night.  Nellies was on fire, and so were they.

Chachuba Setlist
Vapor City
Jurassic nark>
In your mind>
Jurassic nark

And to cap off this show, who else but the new band Mungion? Hailing from Chicago, and just recently releasing their first full-length studio album Scary Blankets, we know there is only more to come.

They derive inspiration from the weird and the quirky. The stories they tell, and messages they represent, were fascinating to the crowd. They infuse music influences from the likes of Zappa, Phish  and many others. Each set tries to expand reality, and pushing the limits of what can normally be found at a jam experience.
Rolling through two high-flying sets of wonderland rock, this is what it looked like on paper

Banana Man (Acapella) >
Hindsight >
Hung Daddy Jam >
Night Night Stan 
Ferris Wheel's Day Off

Set 2
Fool In The Rain >
My Darling Troll >
Quemaste Su Cabella
Sloob Syndrome >
Beneath The Shallows >
Fruit Salad Jam >
Beneath The Shallows

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