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Wednesday, September 7

Zach Deputy's " Wash it in the Water" is a musical achievement.

Zach Deputy's " Wash it in the Water" is a musical achievement. 

Georgia’s own  “Gospel Ninja Soul”  singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist Zach Deputy is dropping his fourth new album on September 9th. 
I imagine his goal on every record must be to capture the magic of his live performances. Where his one man show will fill your heart, all the while inspiring your feet to move. “ Wash it in the Water” come the closest to that brilliance while adding some amazing songs to the his impressive catalogue. 
     Over the course of the album’s 11 tracks he broadens his already far reaching musical boundaries. The first taste of the release is the title track “Wash it in the Water”. It's sets the perfect tone with it's upbeat catchy lyrics,  and Caribbean inspired hip hop delivered vocals. Zach heart reaches out of this record akin to the first ray of sunshine on a chilly Colorado morning. Each song while quite different in style follow a positive common theme than shines best. On tracks like “Scrambled Eggs” he takes his old formula and turns it on its head with livetronica undertones looping throughout the song. I can't point to one song that does not work or would not liven up anybody’s playlist. Even the radio friendly ballad “Loving You Always” will find an audience. 
     I am giving it four glowsticks out of five. The only thing that holds it back from perfection is the tune” Some Days are Harder” it tries to be everything to everybody and just sounds disingenuous. But those tunes are few and far between as he ends the record with the rock inspired reggae instant classic “ It's all Right”. Zach Deputy shows off almost all of his immense talent on this addicting tune to end his sure to be breakout album “Wash it in the Water” in fine fashion. This album will obviously bring in new fans, among his faithful I think it will be similar to throwing spaghetti against the wall most noodles will stick, some will fall. But everybody can't help and be excited to see the new songs grow in a live setting. I believe this is the album where Zach Deputy will finally get heard. 
You must catch a show near you! Here our his tour dates:
Kevin Long

9/1/16 - Empty Glass - Charleston, SC
9/2/16 - Hookahville - Pataskala, OH
9/3/16 - Front Porch Festival - Stuart, VA
9/4/16 - Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV
9/8/16 - Side Bar Theatre - Tallahassee, FL *
9/9/16 - Vinyl - Pensacola, FL *
9/10/16 - Zydeco - Birmingham, AL *
9/11/16 - Terminal West - Atlanta, GA *
9/12/16 - Visulite Theater - Charlotte, NC *
9/13/16 - Guanabanas - Jupiter, FL *
9/14/16 - Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL *
9/15/16 - The Social - Orlando, FL *
9/16/16 - Wormtown Music Festival - Greenfield, MA
9/17/16 - Jannus Live - St Petersburg, FL *
9/20/16 - Music Farm - Charleston, SC *
9/21/16 - Shaka’s Live - Virginia Beach, VA *
9/22/16 - Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY *
9/23/16 - Catskill Chill Music Festival - New York, NY
9/24/16 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA *
9/25/16 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA *
9/27/16 - Rex Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA *
9/30-10/1/16 - Bear Creek Bayou - New Orleans, LA
10/22/16 - The Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA #
11/3/16 - Saint Rocke - Hermosa Beach, CA #
11/4/16 - Belly Up - San Diego, CA #
11/5/16 - Marquee - Tempe, AZ #
11/10/16 - Music Farm - Columbia, SC #
11/17/16 - White Oak - Houston, TX #
11/18/16 - Granada Theater - Dallas, TX #
11/19/16 - Scoot Inn - Austin, TX #