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Thursday, September 8

We broke the news of Oteil's magical night at the Gorge when it happened. He is now ready to talk about his first onstage trip.

We broke the news of Oteil's magical night at the Gorge when it happened. He is now ready to talk about his first Trip.
Photo From Boulder After Party. 

    Oteil dropped some Owsley made L.S.D at The Gorge for the first time during Dead and Company's  epic summer tour. We broke the story then, but know he is sharing his experience. Here is our original story.

Major credit to author/journalist Alan Paul for his fascinating interview with Oteil Burbridge. I highly recommend you read it in its entirety at a Music Aficionado interview. Oteil said "Listen to how different that night sounds, because that music and Owsley[acid] go together and I found that out. I never liked to play tripping. I did all that as a teenager and even then I didn’t like to play. My friends wanted to jam and I just wanted to keep it separate,” Burbridge said.
    The Grateful Dead's lifetime friend Owsley"Bear"Stanley is rumored to have made between 10-15 million hits of acid in the mid sixties. He was a jack-of-all trades because he also built the historic "Wall of Sound" the Grateful Dead used in the 70s. Even though"Bear" has already passed away, rumors are that 10-20 sheets are still kept for headstash. Rumor confirmed!
The second you're done reading this article immediately read the full interview. Oteil touches on many fascinating topics. I will leave you with my favorite quote. 

 “The whole point was to see what they were seeing and boy did I! The first thing I realized was the stuff I was doing as a kid was absolute garbage and this was a completely different experience. Playing that music with them on it was eye opening. And I finally caught John [Mayer], because I don’t know his playing with the same intimacy I know Jimmy Herring, Derek Trucks, and Warren Haynes, whom I’ve played with for many years.  “I’ve been chasing John and I caught his ass that night and he knew it. Afterwards, he sat Bill and me down and was like, ‘What happened? What is this all about?’ It was hilarious. I was like, ‘Yeah I got you.’ And I connected to the audience. I felt like an octopus with tentacles connecting to each person in the band—and each person on that vibe in the audience. And it was heavy,” Oteil revealed. 
Welcome to the family, Oteil. You're the heart we been poking around for since 1995. Thanks to Jambase for the update. 
Written by: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg (Now we need to dose Mayer and maybe he will stop wearing tablecloths to shows)Heffelfinger