Umphreys McGee shares another mash up from their studio album titled ZONKEY

Umphreys McGee shares another mash up from their studio album titled ZONKEY. 

November 11 Umphrey's McGee  will release a new album made up completely  of mashups titled ZONKEY. Today, the band has shared another preview of the album sharing the track. “Can’t Rock My Dream Face.”

This studio album has been a dream of mine since U.M. began Mash-ups during their 2008 Halloween Show. They have kept the tradition going and have incorporated complicated covers to make practically new songs. Off Zonk they have already released”National Loser Anthem”, mixing Beck’s Loser with Radiohead’s National Anthem”. Also “Life During Exodus” mixing The Talking Heads and Bob Marley. This track incorporates Michael Jackson's”Rock with you”, “The Weekend’s “Can't Feel My Face,” and Fleetwood Mac’s” Dreams” to create”Can’t Rock My Dream Face”. What Umphrey's McGee does with their mashups is brilliant and this album will certainly showcase it. Thanks to U.M and Jambase here are some other Mash-ups


[National Loser Anthem]

[Life During Exodus]

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