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Tuesday, September 6

Today Grateful Music would like to Wish Roger Water's a Happy Birthday; Thank You, Mr. Waters. You Changed Our World.

Pink Floyd's brand of psychedelic, progressive music changed the world. Their light shows made them famous. Their band history is legendary. Syd Barrett was a founding member along with Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Roger Water's wrote some of the most touching, engaging and thoughtful songs of the 20th century. 

Here is the entire reunion show from Live 8 in HD. Enjoy the reunion show. In my mind, despite all their legal squabbles, the band needs Waters/Gilmour to make Pink Floyd.  So here is the oft-called for "reunion" that rejoined the entire Pink Floyd sound. Now that Nick Mason has passed away, I seriously doubt we will see them together again. Roger Waters wrote some amazing words but it took Dave Gilmour, Mason, & Wright to make them shine.

Shine on Roger Waters. Happy Birthday
Grateful Music

written by: Greg Heffelfinger

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