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Tuesday, September 27

This week Fry-day Comes Early: The Grateful Dead at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, OR 8-22-93

  I will be at the ACL music festival this Friday, so here is the weekly GD show a little early.
This show is, in my opinion, one of the best of the 93' tour and the nineties in general. The show is kind of infamous for the opening "Jack Straw" because Jerry came ready to rock and during the opener Bobby was having equipment trouble and melted down backstage, repeatedly slamming his guitar against a trash can. It was good for the fans though because while Bob was gone, Jerry and Phil took the opportunity to jam the ever-loving crap out of this "Jack Straw". It was a great, not for for Bob obviously, way to start a show. The Fat Man came ready to rock tonight. Followed by "Bertha" the one-two punch that opened this show is great. The rest of the first set has Phil responding to the "Let Phil Sing" banner with a solid "Broken Arrow" but the true glory of this show is in the "Help>Slip>Frank" second set opener.

The first set is nothing to brush off but the magical second set contained a wonderful rendition of "Ship of Fools" and has a very spacy drums that included Jerry joining the drummers on stage. Of course, the "Days Between" is amazing. This show was a benefit for the Rex Foundation so it was a matinee show but the band brought the heat. This is the first show I've brought to Grateful Music from 1993 and I hope you don't fall for the trope of "all nineties shows are garbage" because this show is a great one. Take your friends who listen to death metal and play them this "Help>Slip>Frank" and watch their faces. This is one of those "H>S>F" that makes new fans. There won't be any extended commentary on the set list because there are a couple of clips of the show to watch but trust me, listen to the whole thing and you will hear a nineties show that is well worth your time.
 This show proves they could turn it on when they wanted too. The jam section of "Music Never Stopped" to end the first set could go on forever. It was a smoking set closer. I don't even mind the "Corinna". I know I would've been getting down.

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

Set One:
Jack Straw 
Little Red Rooster 
Broken Arrow 
When I Paint My Masterpiece 
Tennessee Jed 
The Music Never Stopped 

Set Two:
Help On The Way ->
Slipknot! ->
Franklin's Tower 
Samson And Delilah 
Ship Of Fools 
Corrina ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
I Need A Miracle ->
Days Between ->
Not Fade Away 


Watch Jerry and Phil destroy this song while Bobby is off stage "fixing" his equipment against a trash can.
Check out the always touching "Days Between"

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