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Tuesday, September 20

The 2016 LOCKN' Music Festival Awards. Photos: Ron Adelberg : Words Ron Adelberg and Kevin Long

The 2016 LOCKN' Music Festival Awards. Photos: Ron Adelberg : Words Ron Adelberg and Kevin Long

   I think it's safe to say that LOCKN' has become the premier jam band festival. The lineup is consistently the best from top to bottom and they have addressed the issues that hampered previous years. The most drastic and largest improvement was the revolving stage. It was a real treat being in front of every band. This year's artists were the most diverse yet, so let's dive into the awards. 

Best of Show: Phish

The "I am Feeling it Award" goes to this fan.

The "Keeping the Nights Grateful Award" goes to Joe Russo's Almost Dead for making the late nights' special. 

The " Still Waiting Award" goes to Phil Lesh. His two sets both had really spectacular moments but left the crowd waiting as it took the staff a while to gather all twelve members. 

The "I am not a Wook" award goes to Chris Robinson. At least I think that's him. 

The " I got the blues award" goes to Gary Clark Jr. He mixed things up with his phenomenal chops and even played in a Phil and Friends line up. 

The "Thank you Award" goes to all the camera men who made the stream amazing. 

The "MVP Award" goes to Neal Casel. Who was seemingly  everywhere and killing it. He introduced "Circle Around The Sun" and played in " Hard Working Americans" to name a few projects. 

The "We are here to Rock Award" goes to Umphrey's McGee. They play by their own rules and always deliver. 

The "Take me to Church Award" goes to Keller Williams and the Grateful Grass. Their arrangements of GD classics were nothing short of spiritual.

The "Keeping the Vibe Alive Award" goes to The Wailers. They put on an inspired set that lifted spirits on a hot day. 

The "Best New Band" goes to the super group "The Hard Working Americans". They are a joy to witness. 

The "Joe Russo Award" goes to Joe Russo for being Joe Russo. 
The "Best Fans Award" goes to LOCKN' and the kind people who make it so special.