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Wednesday, September 7

STS9 performed two hometown shows for the ages and roll into Red Rocks on fire.

STS9 performed two shows for the ages and roll into Red Rocks on fire. 
A review of The Tabernacle and Verizon by:Nick Baffa Photos: Aaron Bradley 

  STS9 rolled into Atlanta for an intimate show at the Tabernacle and a three-set, awe-inspiring extravaganza at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. The first set of the latter show was complete with the set coined ”Axe The Cable's”. The fans get treated to stripped-down acoustic versions of the usually livetronica-based tracks. 

      Friday, they played a sold-out show at the historic Tabernacle. It being a homecoming gig in their cozy confines had the lucky fans abuzz. 
  “Really What?” Into “4 Year Puma” got the magic started and the crowded dance floor exploded with joy. The light show bounced with the hypnotic beats as the music was reaching the promised land from the opening number. They are easily at a creative peak since bassist Alana Rocklin took over for David Murphy. Their latest album “The Universe Inside” plus their recent shows really show the band have matured and have learned from their longevity. Still, this night was about the classics. They keep rolling out one after another as the band’s patience led to legendary jams all night. The combination of “You Don't Say” into “March” that closed the exploratory first set traveled into realms that no other band achieves. After that first half everybody needed a break. 

     Miles Davis’s classic “Black Satin” opened the beautiful second half and set the tone for the remainder of this perfect evening. Every song was on the table and the faithful didn't mind what the band played. The Tabernacle’s modest size kept the vibe consistently high the entire show. But when STS9 busted into “What Is Love?” It ignited a fire that blazed for two solid nights. Smiles were plastered on every fan's’ face when the band charged into a marathon version of ”When the Dust Reprise”. It caused the insane dance floor to  to hit yet another peak which firmly planted their jaws on the floor. This incredible show ended with a “King Pharaoh's Tomb”. The electric colored crowd skipped out the door licking their chops for the next night. 

   The Saturday show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre started with the acoustic set and did not disappoint. “Golden Gate” opened the historic show with its first time given the axe treatment and instantly the night took on an exceptional vibe. 

Our favorite band was back at the top of their game and three incredible sets laid ahead. The “ Axe The Cables” set was a spirited way to begin any Tribe show. Almost every song played in the special set was its inaugural acoustic arrangement. If that was not epic enough we still had two full sets. 

     The second half opened with “CLE intro > Rent” the stark contrast in music got the masses up and dancing all night to the best STS9 I have heard in over a decade. The next two sets were pure bliss as the band fired on all cylinders. Set three brought “Get Loud” as all our wishes were seemingly being granted with perfection.” The Inspire Strikes” closer combined with two bravura performances had me sold on going to Red Rocks as I danced through my last surprise or so I thought. 

    How can they put a cherry on top of this other worldly weekend? Well, a first time Queen cover of “Under Pressure” more than sufficed as the crowd exploded like few shows I have witnessed. There really is only a few words that make sense to this fan. See you at Red Rocks! 
Edited by Greg Heffelfinger