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Friday, September 23

Phish and B.B King and the Blues are all there and so is the Thrill on this 17-min plus Rendition of "The Thrill is Gone" in 2003.

B.B. King joined Phish in 2003 for a blues lesson for the fans at the Meadowlands in on this date.
 My partner in crime, Kevin Long, posted a video of Bobby Rush earlier and I was reminded of this moment in Phishtory. An almost 18 minute version of "The Thrill is Gone" which was just part of the three songs BB sat in for. One of those being a 23-minute version of "Every Day I Have the Blues". Just listen to the way Mike holds down the low end and Page creeps around the edges as "Blues Boy" King belts out his signature tune. One of the best of the numerous guests Phish has invited on to their stage.

Blues are the guts of rock music but Phish doesn't play rock music. They do Phish. Phish plays equal parts jazz, funk, rock, prog, bluegrass, etc. and this proves that they can stand on the stage with anyone.
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This was in 2003. The King of Blues still had some pep in his step before he finally moved on. He may have passed but his legacy never will. Especially to the city of Memphis, where we learned to talk the jive. These streets are soaked in the blues and B.B. King was a King of these Memphish streets. Elvis may be the king of rock n' roll but the blues came first and there was only King of Memphis Blues and that was B.B. King and his trusty Lucille. 

"All I can do is wish you well..."

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