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Friday, September 16

Miss the Phil show with Karl Denson at Coney Island Last Night? Don't Worry, We Got You! Make Sure to Thank a Taper Sometime

Phil took the stage with Karl Denson and Jackie Greene on Coney Island.

  Watch the whole show down below. The whole second set was amazing. I loved the New Speedway>Eyes>Dark Star>Scarlet>Fire segment but the whole show was smoking. How can you not enjoy a night of music when Phil Lesh and Jackie Greene are onstage? Especially when Karl Denson, et al. are there.

The tape is an audience tape but as a collective, we owe tapers so much. From the beginning, without people willing to stand there and not dance and not talk, the scene wouldn't be what it has become. We owe people, especially back in the day, when the rigs were giant, who got video and/or audio from shows that would have been lost to the ages. A part of Owsley's genius was seeing the need for taping the shows the bands were playing. He wanted to tape them to see sound quality and the Grateful Dead wanted to listen for practice but soon stopped listening to them.

 There is a story of Jimi Hendrix coming to SF to play and agreeing to play for Owsley, while he recorded, with the tacit agreement that Hendrix would be sufficiently "inspired" by Owsley. While Jimi played and Owsley and his girl, Rhoni, listened in rapture and were wrapped up in furs in front of a fire to keep warm during the SF night, they stayed that way until the sun came up. When Jimi was done and got up to leave, he asked to see the tape and when Owsley handed it to him, he casually tossed it into the flames and said goodbye and left. To Owsley's horror, the tape he made of Jimi's private concert for him and his girl melted and it became a truly personal performance. But I digress. Basically, thank a taper when you can. They helped create the scene. And here is another one of their efforts.

9-15-16 Phil and Friends at Coney Island

Phil Lesh & Friends September 15, 2016
Ford Amphitheatre @ Coney Island Boardwalk - Brooklyn, New York

Set 1:
After Midnight
Loose Lucy
Brown-Eyed Women
Ramble On Rose

Set 2:
Karl Denson Banter
Playin' In The Band
Dear Mr. Fantasy
New Speedway Boogie
Eyes Of The World
Dark Star
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Scarlet Reprise
Turn On Your Lovelight

Donor Rap
Midnight Hour
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