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Tuesday, September 20

Lotus Took Control of Red Rocks and Threw Down a Party with a New Light Show and Special Guests: 9-17-16 Red Rocks

Lotus Turns the Crowd on and Throws Down at the Gorgeous Red Rocks Amphitheater

Lotus filled the crowd's hearts on the cool fall evening of September 17th at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The annual September event is typically a hit among jam band followers, but this year proved to be extra special with new and exciting lights and surprise guest appearances.
Within the first few songs, the band debuted “Suntan” off their new album Eat the Light, accompanied by a surprise guest appearance by Raven Jane. Her stage presence and amazing vocals seemed to be quite the crowd pleaser.
The band then transitioned into one of their classic hits and crowd favorites, “Hammerstrike”, which seemed to amplify the energy for the rest of the evening.  
The band’s guitarist, Mike Rempel, was on point for the entire evening, however during “Hammerstrike” in particular, Mike’s guitar especially captivated the crowd.

Following that, sandwiched between a few more classic Lotus favorites, the band debuted another one of the new tracks off Eat the Light, “Anti-Gravity”, accompanied by the vocals of Oriel Poole. Her unique voice and stage presence definitely proved for an unforgettable performance.
The band then surprised the crowd by welcoming back vocalist Gabrielle Otto. The singer, who accompanied the band in their Talking Heads cover show at Red Rocks back in 2014, to perform a couple songs off their new album. Otto’s stage presence wowed the crowd back in 2014 so excitement filled the crowd.
The band closed the show with a few more of their classic hits such as “Spaghetti”, “Greet the Mind”, and an unforgettable encore of “Sunrain”.

Written by:Samantha Van Wagenen
Photos by: Sam Berenson
Edited by:Greg Heffelfinger

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