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Saturday, September 24

Backwoods Music Festival: An Adult Playground By: Grav Weldon

Backwoods Music Festival: An Adult Playground 

Backwoods Music Festival was my first primarily EDM festival.  I wasn't sure  what to expect.  It was much larger than the festivals I usually attend.  The promoters were expecting over 20,000 attendees by the last day.  The crowd was a younger audience with less children attending the festival as I am used too. As well  The feel of this festival was very much that of a play ground for adults.  There were decorated grottoes, slackwire rigs, a lake filled with huge swimming toys, and even a giant slip and slide.

  At night the sky glowed with lasers creating patterns to the horizon while bursts of orange illuminated the ranch with every fiery eruption of the Discoportal.   If all this sounds truly epic, it was.  If I had any serious complaint, I would have to say it was too much of a good thing.  By the time Big Gigantic played late Sunday night/Monday morning, I was pooped and enjoyed the rest of the shows night from the comfort of my tent.  I know...  sacrilege.  

A couple of notes for those of you thinking about going next year.  Bring a debit/credit card and less cash.  The festival uses a cashless system for all of it's venders using your wristband.  It wasn't nearly as onerous as it sounds.  It costs less in the long run compared to outrageous repeated atm fees.  Pacing one's self and regular hydration is extra important for this festival.  The dry Oklahoma air pulls the moisture right out on a hot day.  One a final note, if you can afford to pony up a bit extra to camp in VIP, do it!  Your feet will thank you and access to showers and flushing toilets makes the festival experience so much more comfortable. 

 Extra bonus:  if you are an old fart like me, when you do run out of energy, you can still easily listen to the music from up to three different shows from the comfort of your tent.

Words & Photos Grav Weldon