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Friday, August 12

Who Would Defend"Matisyahu" For Calling A Baby "Ugly as F%CK OnTwitter? I Am Going To Give It A Go....

Who Would Defend Matisyahu For Calling A Baby "Ugly as F%CK " On Twitter? I Am Going To Give It A Go....
An editoral: Kevin Long

    For everyone who is not up to speed on this travesty in a first world country's counter culture. I will let the social media between the two parties tell the story. 

Matisyahu played a set and receives this tweet. 
Katie was upset and took to Twitter. She might have been angry about the same tiny, annoying shit that seems to happen all at once in our lives. All of that, with the fact the show was at The Woodlands, which is closer to Houston, exit added on to the fact that she did not enjoy the show, compelled her to speak her anger. She did what most fans do these days. Katie took her anger to social media and took it out on Matisyahu himself. A relatively new twist in the artist/fan relation.  Usually these stories end here.  But Matisyahu happens to live in this same fucked up real world that we all share. He has been sober for three months and is fighting his demons on a nightly basis and has made a series of errors. This tweet in response started his misguided attack on a fan:

This is not where I defend him! However, maybe I can explain where his mind might have been at. I recall being three months clean and just looking for a person that I could unleash all my pain on. I am certainly not condoning how he handled the situation and there is no excuse for attacking an innocent child. But unless you have fought addiction on the road as a music star, you have no idea what he is going through. Remember, real people live behind these profiles. So Matisyahu answered with this immature message. 

  "The same reason it was the worst for you is why it was the best for me", repeating the "Dallas" jibe, and implicitly slagging gig-mates Dirty Heads for good measure.
"I'm not here to entertain you," he wrote, demonstrating a profound misunderstanding of his job description. "I put my soul into what I do. Not everyone is capable of receiving the truth. Peace out Dallas." 
"If you enjoyed Dirty Heads set it makes sense that you wouldn't have any clue as to what it is I'm doing up there. Creating in the moment real art not entertaining or regurgitating. Dumb people usually don't get it. It seems the cornier your music is the more people like it. That's cause most people are dumb unfortunately."
The story took root and has now has picked up steam and more outlets are beginning to ask him about it. Instead of issuing a much deserved apology. He kept with his lunatic approach saying..
"I don't have a problem with dumb people but if you're [too] stupid to get it the very least you could do is keep your negativity to yourself,"
That is when Katie showed her true character and took the high road issuing the following statement.....

"Don't blame me if you can't take an honest review,  "I've been a huge fan forever. Whatever is going [on] I hope you find peace soon!"
Some would have tried to escalate it and tried for their fifteen minutes of fame. She proved to be in a healthier state of mind than Matisyahu, as his apology was anything but sincere, as he released the following statement on Facebook. 

In case the words are cut off and can't be read, his smug ending was "Houston we have landed" . Obviously this man is going though the fight of his life. 
Wow! This is what can happen in today's age. When I was a kid all we could do was boo if we were unhappy about a show. That is not the Matisyahu I know from his music and the few times our paths have crossed. I bet he more than makes it up to Katie if and when he finds that peace he is fighting for. I hope I am not judged how I acted 3 months clean and I am glad I did not have an audience to take out my pain on. I personally understand how he could do such a stupid thing and in his state of mind convince himself he is right. Truth is, he knows now how stupid he behaved. But as a former addict, it ain't near as stupid as trying to get clean touring. I hope you find that peace you sing about Matisyahu. 
By Kevin Long and a special thanks to for the scoop. 

edited by: Greg Heffelfinger