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Wednesday, August 10

Unreleased Interview from "The Grateful Dead Movie" with Jerry Garcia

Unreleased Interview from "The Grateful Dead Movie" with Jerry Garcia  in 1974

This interview didn't make the cut for the movie. The movie was Jerry's foray into his jones to make movies. Unfortunately, he didn't realize how hard it was actually going to be. The concert was from 74' and Jerry camped out in LA to edit the film. Jerry and the editor sat in a small room and repeatedly watched the same songs over and over again from different angles. He was already heavily into cocaine and around this time, he was so overwhelmed he found his solace in the new flood of "Persian" heroin that was coming into the country as Iran went through it's political upheaval before the Shah took over. It was such a trying time to be wired that he gravitated to the natural calm that heroin provides. At first, according to some band members, they didn't know it was heroin because you smoked it and didn't inject or snort it. This is how the snake got into the garden. It was such a trying experience it took until 1977 for the movie to be released and they had to make a new album and get back on the road to pay for the movie. 

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

But here is a fascinating look inside the mind of a genius:

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