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Wednesday, August 10

Trey comes out with a new lineup for TAB at Vertex: Links to AUD 8-7-16

Trey comes out with a new lineup for TAB at Vertex.: Full Show 8-7-16 

At the inaugural Vertex Festival in Buena Vista, CO, he broke out a new version of TAB, in a smoking show. Trey made it a family affair, since his regular sax player is on tour with another artist whose "all about that bass". So Trey asked former member Jeff Cressman to play one trombone with his daughter, trombonist Natalie Cressman, playing another. It's double trombone MADNESS!  Of course, longtime Phish/TAB family member Cyro Babtista was invited back to join in for percussion.

The show started in true TAB fashion with "First Tube" and "Cayman Review" kicking off the set followed by the great Marley cover,"Soul Rebel". Classic TAB material kept coming like,"Money, Love and Change" and a good rendition of "Burlap Sack and Pumps". Natalie made her old man proud, at the head of "1977" and then there was a four song sequence with a great,"Dark and Down" followed by the Phish and TAB staple,"Sand" sandwiched in between "Valentine" and "Tuesday". This may be heresy but I almost like the TAB version of "Sand" better than the Phish version when compared side to side.

The opening choice of "Curlew's Call" was followed up by the TAB mainstay,"Gotta JIbboo" and I'm not sure if I've ever seen a TAB show without mama telling me to jibboo. After breaking out the full "Magilla" this summer on Phish tour, they played it at Vertex too.  Trey pulled out the once oft-played "Alaska" which hasn't been seen since 2014 in the Phish tank. This was followed up by my second favorite TAB song, "Simple Twist Up Dave" which is second only to "Ether Sunday" in my book.  Unfortunately, "Ether Sunday" hasn't seen the light of day since 2014,as well. This reviewer remembers very well a show at The Warfield in SF, where he played a short acoustic set of Phish tunes, in the middle of the show, then was joined by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads fame. The night before he was joined by members of the Grateful Dead, so it was a magical two nights at the Warfield back in the dark,  Phish-less days of 2005. 

But I digress, at Vertex next up was "Plasma" then the lovely Jennifer Hartswick, a fan favorite, stepped up and led the band through the Gorillaz's cover, "Clint Eastwood" a TAB cover standard. The set closer was "Push on til' the Day" and the encore was "Show of Life" which had to be a "meh" moment but was followed by "Dazed and Confused" which Trey proceeded to unleash the hose on this song that was a Led Zeppelin classic, even though it was written by Jake Holmes and played by the Yardbirds before being turned into the monster we know and love by Led Zeppelin. 
TAB's next show is another festival date at the Peach Festival in Scranton,PA on August,13th.

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

Here is a complete version of the show from Youtube:

So if you don't want to register I understand but that is the only way to see the whole show in HD. Which, in my book, beats a shaky, fan-cam version anyday. That being said, I didn't sign up for it. 

Trey Anastasio BandSunday, 08/07/2016
Cottonwood Meadows, Buena Vista, CO

Notes: This performance was part of the inaugural Vertex Festival.
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