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Friday, August 19

Today's Show is One of a Great Run at Winterland in February of 1974: Here is 2-23-74 with The Grateful Dead

1974 was a great year for the band and they were firing on all cylinders musically and the shows were marathon events every night. Here is the night before Dave's Pick. 

This show is a hot one folks from the "Around and Around" opener all the way to the double encore of "Johnny B. Goode" and a sweetly sung,"And We Bid You Goodnight". It's almost impossible to deconstruct this show entirely. It's just a massive beautiful suite of music. Look for an especially hot version of "Here Comes Sunshine" with great vocal work and Keith sounding great. The mix is wonderful as per usual with Charlie Miller's SBDs. For all those "Eyes of the World" nuts look for the "Slipknot"  that wasn't fleshed out for another year or two. It's a great way to see how the band developed its' songs and how they worked creatively. There is also a hot "Beat it on Down the Line" which I take for granted, same with "Greatest Story Ever Told", most times but they nailed it on these versions. There is also a faster paced "Stella Blue" that is interesting. One thing I like about 74' is that all my favorites are in any one show. From "Row Jimmy" to "Sugaree" and Stella and HCS and a wonderful "Ship of Fools", this show is just full of delights.

There are a couple sbd's of this in circulation but some are missing songs. This is the Charlie Miller version and when it's Miller time you know it's quality. 2-23-1974

The big jam of this show starts with a stellar, "He's Gone" possibly one of my favorites of the many to choose from and travels through a fiery "The Other One" to the aforementioned "Eyes of the World" and ends with a "One More Saturday Night" but that isn't even the end of the show! There is still another song and a two song encore! 1974 is a year of constant delights and every show is like an exploration of their whole catalog and I highly suggest any show from this year to a new head. Granted, I love the 73-74 jazzy Dead and the powerful 77' beast but this show is a trip through everything you would want to hear. Even a "Me and Bobby McGee" and a holy shit I forgot to mention the "Let It Grow"! The whole "Weather Report Suite" is represented fabulously here. Enough from me. Here's the setlist.

Written by Greg Heffelfinger

Winterland SF,CA

Set One:
Around And Around
Dire Wolf
Me And Bobby McGee
Mexicali Blues
Here Comes Sunshine
Beat It On Down The Line
Ship Of Fools
Jack Straw
The Promised Land >
Bertha >
Greatest Story Ever Told

Set Two:
Row Jimmy
Weather Report Suite Prelude >
Weather Report Suite Part 1  >
Let It Grow >
Stella Blue
Big River
Ramble On Rose
Me And My Uncle
He's Gone >
Truckin' >
Drums >
The Other One >
Eyes Of The World >
One More Saturday Night
Casey Jones

Johnny B. Goode 
And We Bid You Good Night

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