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Friday, August 12

Today's Inaugural Friday Dead Daze at Grateful Music, we start with a beast. 5-11-72 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Today's show is one monster of a show with the second longest official "Dark Star" and quite a few other highlights to boot. Let's Get On with it shall we?
 This show was released only because they released all of the Europe shows in 1972. But, that is mitigated by the fact that it was on my birthday so I have special connection to it. This show has so many highlights, it's hard to get to all of them. So let's start with the fact that Pigpen is completely present and accounted for, vocally and with his organ. This is the last "Caution" jam he would ever do. Besides that monster, he also sings the classics, "Hurts Me Too" and "Two Souls in Communion" and a spot on "Mr. Charlie".  Coming up early in the set is one of the greatest " Black-Throated Wind"'s I have ever heard. Let's talk for a second about Bobby Ace. His playing is upfront and present and he is actually playing the rhythmic bedrock that allows Phil and Jerry to go twisting and wrestling and shooting out into the stratosphere. So this is a must hear for all Bobby fans.

Now, 12-6-73 is the longest uninterrupted "Dark Star" but this is close and contains a solo from Billy K that swings like streetlight in a hurricane. Jerry is on fire here. Firing on all cylinders, he is on point and from the majestic "Dark Star" they deconstruct it and pull it apart and then after the drum solo go raging into the destructo version. It's just the band following Jerry into the apocalypse. After the smooth psychedelia outlands they drop into the drum solo and after that is chaos. It truly is a monster.It clocks in at 47:11, before Bobby saves us. The "Dark Star>Sugar Magnolia>Caution>Who Do You Love>Truckin" is the Frankenstein Monster's ending to this incredible show but all the songs in the first set are classic renditions of each version. The "Morning Dew" to start off the second set is played with as much ferocity as the "Jack Straw" from the first set. This band was playing for their lives. It's not as well known as the other Europe shows but if you're a head you've heard it. It's time for you to hear it again. Crank it up and check your levels because it sounds like the band is trying to set their amps on fire. Even "Tennessee Jed" has a titanic solo in it!

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Set One:
Playing In The Band (muffled for 30secs or so)
Mr. Charlie 
Black Throated Wind
Chinatown Shuffle 
Mexicali Blues 
China Cat Sunflower  >
I Know You Rider 
It Hurts Me Too 
Beat It On Down The Line
Brown Eyed Women 
Jack Straw 
Big Railroad Blues 
Good Lovin' 
Casey Jones 

Set Two:
Morning Dew 
Me And My Uncle 
The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion) 
El Paso 
Tennessee Jed
Next Time You See Me 
Dark Star [13:35] >
Drums [4:03] >
Dark Star [29:34] >
Sugar Magnolia [7:52] >
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [15:28] >   (last Caution, one of the best Pigpen raps ever)
Who Do You Love? [0:26] >
Jam >
Uncle John's Band 

One More Saturday Night
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