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Tuesday, August 9

Today is Day 9 of the "Days Between" Musical Retrospective, the Penultimate Show of the series. Today's show is 12-19-94

Today is Day 9 of the "Days Between" Musical Retrospective, the Penultimate Show of the series. Today's show is 12-19-94  

This is the last show of our "Days Between" musical retrospective for 2016. Today is the 21st anniversary of the day Jerry left the world. He gave all he had to give, how much we'll never know. When I think about the last couple of years of Grateful Dead tour I think of some of the best times of my life. I was just old enough and hip enough to catch a couple 94 shows and a handful of 95 shows. I remember being online on AOL late one night and just as I started to go to bed, rumors of Jerry's death started pouring into the dead forum I was on from the western time zone.  I'd heard these rumors before and hoped they weren't true but I was woken up a few hours later by my girlfriend calling me in tears to tell me it was true, Jerry was gone. The news hit me in the chest like a sack of potatoes. I started crying like a little kid. I felt cheated that I only got to see him twelve times. In the intervening twenty years I realized that I was luckier than a lot of people. Some people saw him so much that they can't play shows from 94-95 because he sounds like a shadow of his former self. What I want to say to these people is the man went into a diabetic coma and almost died and had to COMPLETELY relearn how to play guitar. Most people can't learn to play guitar once much less twice in their lives. 

So I had certain criteria I placed on myself before i even started to pick through the years. It being the last show of the "official Days Between", like every Dead show, the masses have spoken and I'll keep posting shows. But my criteria were such
1. It had to have an incredible "Days Between" √
2. It had to have a "So Many Roads" √ (Jerry flubs the vocals at the beginning still a good version)
3. It had to have a "Brokedown Palace" encore √
4. I wanted it to have a "Ramble on Rose" for our fearless leader,Kevin √
5. It had to have a special something, an "it" factor √ 
(The first and only "New Speedway Boogie>Nobody's Fault but Mine)
6. It had to have a "Let Phil Sing" track √  The Band's "Broken Arrow" which is a great Phil cover.
7. It HAD to be a GOOD show, not a good show for 94 but a GOOD show √

Now that sounds like a lot of prerequisites but this show hit all the marks and has possibly the best "Days Between" ever played. (source:,, and a couple other forums I can't remember. I don't want to hear anyone say I pick these at random. Not that anyone has complained. Our Grateful Music blog fans and Facebook fans have been wonderful. Not just for the shows but for my articles about certain facets of the band and their history or certain aspects of the culture. So I thank you for all your kind words. But enough of that. So as someone once said "Let's get on with show, let's go!"

Now I know 94 isn't everyone's cup of tea but this show is a gem and Jerry, despite losing his way in "So Many Roads, nails every vocal in "Days Between". Here is what Phil had to say about this masterpiece:

“Achingly nostalgic, ‘Days Between’ evokes the past. The music climbs laboriously out of shadows, growing and peaking with each verse, only to fall back each time in hopeless resignation. When Jerry sings the line ‘when all we ever wanted / was to learn and love and grow’ or ‘gave the best we had to give / how much we’ll never know,’ I am immediately transported decades back in time, to a beautiful spring morning with Jerry, Hunter, Barbara Meier, and Alan Trist—all of us goofing on the sheer exhilaration of being alive. I don’t know whether to weep with joy at the beauty of the vision or with sadness at the impassable chasm of time between the golden past and the often painful present.”-Phil Lesh 
Searching for the Sound

That about says it all don't you think?
Written By: Greg Heffelfinger

Setlist: (courtesy of
La Coliseum

Set One:
Picasso Moon
Stagger Lee
Little Red Rooster
Ramble On Rose
Broken Arrow
When I Paint My Masterpiece
So Many Roads
Easy Answers

Set Two:
Saint Of Circumstance 
New Speedway Boogie >
Nobody's Fault But Mine 
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) >
Drums >
Space >
I Need A Miracle 
Days Between 
Turn On Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

There will be an encore posted later tonight. 

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