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Friday, August 5

The Top 5 Post Jerry Bands. An editorial by Kevin Long

The Top 5 Post Jerry Bands. An editorial by Kevin Long Photos Lori Sky Twohy

      I grew up in an era of Grateful Dead lore that is seldom discussed. I began following The Grateful Dead in 1993 and I was all in. I literally received my Fall tickets in the mail the day after Jerry died.

While I witnessed plenty of mediocre (in hindsight) Grateful Dead shows. They we're easily still the best days of my life. After Jerry passed away, I split my time between Phish and Grateful Dead Related bands. 
 But I was always "Listening  For The Sercret and Searching  For The Sound ". From 1995 till the present I have witnessed well over 500 Grateful Dead related shows and tours. My list is based off of nothing but my opinion. The only rule was you had to have toured at least once as a group to be included. This is just my list. Your may not even resemble my list and its every bit as correct as my list. I am just glad we all had so many bands to keep the vibe alive. "This Song it ain't ever going to end". 
#1 1998 The Other Ones 

This was by far the easiest decision. They still had youth on thier side and a phenomenal band. Besides Billy (John Molo) everyone was game.  Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bruce Hornsby, Mark Karan, Steve Kimock, Phil Lesh, John Molo and Dave Ellis on saxophone. They had fresh penned songs by Hunter and the only flaw was Mickey rapping. 
#2 Phil and Friends The Quentet 

Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, Rob Barroco and John Molo. Phil waved his rule about switching band members out every tour after it was evident this band was special. Over the course of almost five years they wrote new music and delivered some of the most satisfying grateful experience ever. 
#3The Other Ones/The Dead 

Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Billy , Rob Barroco, Jeff Chimenti, Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring 
    This band was out of this world good. Just look at that line-up. 
#4 Dead and Company 

Bob Weir, John Meyer, Billy K, Mickey Hart, Jeff Chimenti and Oteil Burbridge.  We all just witnessed this band beyond description. What a gift. 
5# The Other Ones 99 It was the same band as the 1998 version. But Billy joined and replaced John Molo. But the Rythem Devils had Alfonso Johnson who took over for Phil Lesh at bass. This band gets overlooked but they were beyond amazing. Steve Kimock and Alfonso went on to make music magic together for a long time. I am sure your list is Different! 
By Kevin Long

Honorable Mention. 
09 The Dead 
04-06 The Dead with Herring and Joan
The Fare Thee Well Band do not make the list only because of the one tour rule.