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Tuesday, August 23

The Jefferson Airplane, Phish, and the Simpsons. Three American institutions Come Together Brilliantly.

I love this clip and I have to admit that the last time I consumed psychedelics, I felt the most kinship with Grandpa Simpson and Jasper. Also, Phish and the insanity pepper trip. You gotta love the Simpsons.

"One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small..."

"My doctor never told me that, I had to hear it from Phish"

The Simpsons, even though they've been on for years, still manage to nail things all the time. And of course, they are known for all their cameos with the real life people they portray, if at all possible. One of the true markers of fame is being in a Simpsons episode. The first clip had George Carlin and the second of course had those guys in it from that one band.  The ending of "D'oh In the Wind" the Carlin/peyote farm episode has Chief Wiggum claiming "it's time to go bash some hippies, like the good ole' days." and "set nightsticks to whomp" while Homer sings his hippie anthem, "Uptown Girl"  The "Insanity Pepper" trip is just amazing animation.

Greg Heffelfinger

Homer's insanity pepper trip
I enjoy Homer when he gets spun so here's one more.

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