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Thursday, August 4

Oteil Camera Is Back! Watch 7 Videos of Songs from Dead and Company'sFinal Show At Shorline From Sidestage

Oteil Camera Is Back! Watch 7 Videos of Songs from Dead and Company's Final Show At Shorline From Sidestage.

    I can't believe Dead and Company's Summer Tour is over. It was certainly one for the history books. Along this crazy journey, Oteil stole my heart. I sure hope this is not the last tour with this band or the last from Oteil Cam. Watch 7 amazing videos from Shoreline from sidestage. I love watching the communication. The first video is Cassidy, then Help>Slip>Franklins followed by Dark Star. Then the Oteil cam shows the majestic Terrapin from a rare view for the fans. US Blues and Not Fade Away get the treatment and ends with the classic Brokedown Palace.  For those that have been just couchtouring or listening to the shows. These videos show the synergy this band displayed every night and it's quite a treat to see these videos. Thank You, Oteil and thanks to the cameraman. Let's keep our fingers crossed we get to see this band get back together.
Written by: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger
[Help > Slip! > Shakedown]
[Dark Star]
[Terrapin Station]
[Not Fade Away]
[U.S. Blues]
[Brokedown Palace]