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Wednesday, August 31

Mandatory Minimum Laws have caused countless Heartbreak on the GD/Phish scene. Finally some Good News. GD Fan released from Life Sentence for LSD by Barack Obama

The draconian laws passed against drugs in the Eighties and Nineties had many unintended consequences. Most of all, against the sellers of LSD since the carrier weight, especially sugar cubes, caused completely unfair sentences against mainly non-violent offenders who got caught up at concerts. Finally, some good news.

This article was written by Steven Hoffer of the Huffington Post  
Timothy Tyler will now be able to leave prison in 2018.
A Grateful Dead fan who was serving a life sentence for selling LSD to a police informant is among the 111 individuals who received commutations from President Obama on Tuesday.
Timothy Tyler had no history of violence when a judge’s decision to include the weight of the paper that held the LSD he sold pushed the amount over 10 grams, leading to a mandatory minimum life sentence in prison. 
The offense was Tyler’s third, including two prior drug convictions that each led to probation.
An update message on Tyler’s petition reads:

”He was a kid. He was following the Grateful Dead. I’m not condoning it, but it was a pretty harmless lifestyle Timothy was leading,” Julie Stewart, the president and founder of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, told Business Insider in 2013.
“It always seemed really absurd to me that this non-violent guy who was 24 years old, that the government could write off his life. Bingo. You’re gone,” she said.
“Life, [the sentence] says, but life means you die in prison,” Tyler once told the ACLU.
Tyler’s new sentence will end on Aug. 30, 2018, and requires enrollment in residential drug treatment. The assignment to residential drug treatment is a bit puzzling, as LSD is by its nature not physically addictive. The drug stops working if a person takes it for several days in a row.
The August round of commutations marks the most granted in a single month in United States history. The White House also points out that Obama has granted more commutations than the past 10 presidents combined

Maybe, finally, this wrong will be righted in other cases as well. There have been too many people stuck in cages for nonviolent crimes that only involve the two people that are engaging in a behavior that only affects the lives of the two people that buy and sell something they both agree on and is considered by many to be a sacrament. This boils down to a personal freedom issue and the government shouldn't have any involvement in what I decide to put in my body. If the government really wanted to help, they would end prohibition after the "grand experiment" failed in the early 20th century. Now if Obama will just stop the Feds from raiding legal dispensaries.
Written by: Greg Heffelfinger
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