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Monday, August 15

John Mayer Ready To Juggle Solo Career While Also Playing In The Band.

 John Mayer Ready To Juggle Solo Career While Also Playing In The Band. 

John Mayer has always expressed his feelings of wanting to keep Dead and Company alive. Backstage at Alpine Valley he granted an interview with 
Bozman Magazine and went over the logistics. To read complete interview here is the link. 
    Here is a quote from the interview that sums up the situation best. 

" I think we are going to try our hardest. I have to put a record out because it’s almost finished; I have to express myself in that way. Part of Dead & Company’s power comes from this being an answer to the normal work that I do. But let me put it this way, there’s nothing right now that I’m hiding on the books but I think everybody on my end and also on the side of everyone else in the band is going to work some way to do both as much as we can. That said even if it’s just a run every year, I know I’ll take the time to do it. I really think it’s a matter of how do you get this many people in one space at one time and find a way to make it pay for itself. I mean it’s hard if money wasn’t an issue in terms of what it costs to get the Titanic to float you know? We would drop in and do shows every other weekend!" 

   I personally can't wait to hear how his solo album sounds. Being reborn in the music of the Grateful Dead has to alter his previous solo fluff that the Academy clearly loves but is shit in my opinion. Maybe because  Mayer is from Montana he really opens up in this interview. I highly suggest reading it. He also discussing his excitement to witness a JRAD show. I can't wait for that to inspire him. Not only has Mayer joined our strange ride., he is on the path of blazing his own long strange trip. 
Kevin Long