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Monday, August 1

Grateful Music's "Days Between" Grateful Dead Musical Retrospective. Hand picked shows from the career of the Grateful Dead. Today's kickoff show, a barn burner from 1966.

Here are some handpicked shows, some well-known, some obscure. 
We are gonna post a new show every morning for each of the Days Between. Just a little help for those in their cubicles and others who need driving music.

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Dead's origin story. Bob heard Jerry playing on NYE, who absentmindedly was playing, waiting for students that would never come. The jam that ensued at Dana Morgan's music store was the beginning that led to Mother Mcree's to The Warlocks and then the change of names to The Grateful Dead.  The name The Warlocks had already been taken by a little band that later was known as The Velvet Underground.

The show we picked today was one of the best of 1966.  The band started in 1965 but setlists and good sounding tapes are sketchy at best. So I decided to pick up the next year that showed the band testing their boundaries and skills but still playing short songs that included old standards, bluegrass, Dylan covers and attempts at new songs. And of course, the Pigpen blues was already the centerpiece of the band. Enough from me, here's the show*:
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Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

The Grateful Dead at the Fillmore. 7-16-1966

Grateful Dead
Fillmore Aud.

Set One:
1.   I Know You Rider
2.   Big Boss Man
3.   Standing on the Corner
4.   Beat it on Down the Line
5.   In the Pines
6.   Cardboard Cowboy
7.   Nobody's Fault but Mine
8.   Next Time You See Me
9.   He Was a Friend of Mine
10. Cream Puff War

Set Two:
1.  Viola Lee Blues
2.  Don't Ease Me In->
3.  Pain In My Heart
4.  Minglewood Blues->
5.  Sitting on Top of the World
6.  You Don't Have to Ask
7.  Cold Rain and Snow->
8.  Good Morning Little Schoolgirl->
9.  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
10.Dancin' in the Streets

* Fave Raveups
He Was a Friend of Mine
Viola Lee Blues
Cold Rain and Snow
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Dancin' in the Streets

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