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Friday, August 12

G-Nome Project, Tweed, and In Flux Rock American Beauty 7/30/16: NY,NY review and setlist by: Mike Geller

Location, location, location is a motto of real estate, but in this case it applied to the venue as well.  It is a great thing to have a killer show two blocks away from home.  For those who don't live as close, American Beauty is located in the heart of NYC just 2 blocks from MSG/Penn Station, near multiple subway lines and easy for most to get to.  The room is small and intimate with a few unique touches like caged raised viewing platforms and good sound from almost anywhere. It is a perfect place for a small show.

Tweed started off the night with a bang. I first discovered them at Great North Festival last year and they left an impression.  They continued to justify it with a funky, bluesy set highlighted by the crowd request "Couch".  They classify themselves as "Jamchronica" which I feel is appropriate.  The blend of sound from the 4 members fills the room and makes everyone get up and dance. Tweed consists of AJ DiBiase on guitar and vocals, Joe Vela on drums, Jon Tomzak on synthesizers and vocals, and Dan McDonald on Bass and Vocals.  Be sure to check them out either at Great North, or Luna Light festivals or their many upcoming tour dates which can be found at 

Best thing on the Menu
 Big sky
Move your feet (junior senior)
 Loup garou (intro only)>

G-Nome Project was next for 2 incredible sets.  They very recently changed guitarists adding Shlomo Langer to the mix.  Many bands when changing out a member go through a transition phase, not the case here.  The first time I saw them also was at Great North last year , and I saw them again a few months ago both with the original guitarist, and with Shlomo they didn't miss a beat.  If you had your eyes closed for all of those shows you wouldn't even realize a change was made. 

They are one of the tightest bands I have ever experienced.  They also come at you full speed ahead with no letup at all.  If you are looking for a fast upbeat set without any slowing down these are your guys. The downside is that you must stay hydrated as they go long and hard in their shows leaving nobody disappointed.  They have been described as "grilled cheese funk" while I think of them as "prog rock jam" but they still have the funk element, as well as the element of surprise in their sets.  You never know when you will get covers of well know jam bands like the Disco Biscuits, or a remix from the Sesame Street theme like we got last Saturday night. This unpredictability plus a large arsenal of songs allows them to play 3 sets at a festival without any repeats or the crowd getting tired of them.
They are based in Israel and they are currently touring the US with stops at Great North, Catskill Chill and other spots which can be found at  Their members are Eyal Solomon on Keys, Zechariah Reich on bass, Chemy Soibelman on drums, and Shlomo Langer on guitar.  I hope you all join me at Chill for their set!
By: Mike Geller

Set 1 - Crickets* > Scaling the Walls > 135** > Level 5^ > Mouse Kingdom** > Skirmish#

Set 2 - Cake & Crumb > String-break jam #1 > Level 5^ > String-break jam #2 > March of the Mice > Sesame Street@
Encore - Pure Imagination@

* Disco Biscuits cover, beginning only

** beginning only
^ dyslexic
# end only
@ original remix

In Flux Finished the night.  Unfortunately my old body gave out and I wasn't able to stay on my feet long enough to catch the set but I have heard and seen them before and they are another great set to see when they come around. Their tour dates can be found at including another show at American Beauty with G-Nome on 9/28. Hope to see you there!
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