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Wednesday, August 31

Facebook Decided to take me down Memory Lane today. Turns out I was at Outside Lands.

The first year I went as a VIP. It was the second year of the festival when the Beastie Boys had to drop out. The next year I was there as a photographer. The year after, a journalist and photographer. 
 My first year. The lineup from that year. I remember being blown away by TV on the Radio and Band of Horses. I loved Modest Mouse but the show was kind of weak. The Avett Brothers did really well that year. Apparently, I had a really good time at MIA and Tenacious D. I don't remember. Also, Pearl Jam put on a hell of a show. 

My second year I was with the founder of our band of misfits, Sammy Martin. I was the official photographer but I did some writing too. I have some great pictures of Furthur and MMJ and Al Green. I also saw Empire of the Sun and got some great pics of them. Actually, I got great pictures of almost everyone. Unfortunately I was a new photographer and didn't put a watermark on my pics so they've been a lot of places and I haven't seen a dime. That's besides the point, though.

The next year I went just as a writer and got to see Phish and Warren Haynes. Also, The Black Keys and Arcade Fire played. Arctic Monkeys and MGMT played the mainstage as well. But you know when a real artist that has played a lot of festivals gets on stage. It was that way with Phish and with Muse but the guy who swept me away the most was possibly the most surprising. It was John Fogerty and his band. He is finally playing CCR songs again and from the stage at Woodstock to Golden Gate Park, that same voice rang out and gave me chills. He sounded stronger and more confident than a lot of the newer, bigger acts. His set dwarfed the Black Keys and the Arctic Monkeys. I like both those bands but the difference between them and Fogerty was astounding. MGMT has played Glastonbury and all the big festivals but hearing "Fortunate Son" that beautiful day in Golden Gate Park is still a memory I'll treasure forever. 

The point of all this is Facebook took me down memory lane and a lot of it was footage of Outside Lands since I don't take pics of my food and everyday random shit that a lot of people seem to love doing. This year I missed Radiohead again. So, I'm going to see them at the Austin City Limits music festival and Band of Horses and Foals and a lot of other bands are going to be there. I'm just there for one band and Facebook will remind me of that show in five years.

Greg Heffelfinger
Radiohead Live at Outside Lands in 2016

01 - Burn the Witch 
02 - Daydreaming 
03 - Ful Stop 
04 - 2 + 2 = 5 
05 - Bodysnatchers 
06 - Climbing Up the Walls 
07 - Exit Music (for a Film) 
08 - Bloom 
09 - Lotus Flower 
10 - Pyramid Song 
11 - Identikit 
12 - The Numbers 
13 - The Gloaming 
14 - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 
15 - Everything in Its Right Place 
16 - Idioteque 
17 - There There 

18 - Let Down 
19 - Present Tense 
20 - Nude 
21 - Paranoid Android 
22 - Karma Police

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