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Monday, August 22

Dylan and the Dead Complete Club Front Rehearsals for the 87' tour. Four hours of Music: Tons of Great Songs with Some Repeats :July 1,1987

 In 1987, The Grateful Dead went on the road with Bob Dylan for a few dates. Before they left, they rehearsed a ton of their favorite Dylan songs.

The Grateful Dead were huge Dylan fans and acted as his backing band after playing two complete sets for a short run in 1987. When the idea was formulated and agreed upon, Dylan joined the Dead for rehearsal sessions on July 1,1987 at the Club Front rehearsal space. Dylan said the band wanted him to break out old classic Dylan that he hadn't played in years. They went through a bunch of rehearsals and in Chronicles:Vol 1, Dylan said he almost backed out because the Dead had so many songs for him. On tour, the same handful of songs were played by Dylan which makes this video all the more fun. Of course, rehearsals didn't matter because every night, he would play the same song a couple nights ago but in a different key. Constantly changing, ignoring the rehearsed versions. That seems to be a theme with the bands that played with Dylan. It garners a mixed reception overall and most agree it wa the worst album by Dylan or the Grateful Dead. Here is a video of all those rehearsed songs. However, this recording is delightful and since it's a SBD, unlike the shows, you can hear everything. Including some band conversations.

Written by:Greg Heffelfinger

Here are FOUR hours of songs rehearsed with the Dead. Even though many were never played live, there is an entire six disc set that was released. It was released as a six disc set with filler and a four disc set. All in SBD quality. This is four disc version.



1-1The French Girl / Blues Stay Away From Me
1-3John Hardy (John Hardy Was A Desperate Man)
1-5Instrumental Jam
1-6I'm So Lonesome
1-7The Times They Are A-Changin'
1-8When I Paint My Masterpiece
1-9Man Of Piece
1-10I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
1-11The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
1-12I Want You
1-13Ballad Of A Thin Man
1-14Stuck Inside The Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
1-15Dead Man, Dead Man
1-16Queen Jane Approximately
1-17The French Girl
2-1In The Summertime
2-2Man Of Peace
2-3Union Sundown
2-4It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
2-6If Not For You I
2-7If Not For You II
2-8Slow Train
2-9Tomorrow Is A Long Time
2-10Walkin' Down The Line
2-11Gotta Serve Somebody
2-12Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking
2-13Maggie's Farm
2-14Chimes Of Freedom
2-15All I Really Want To Do
2-16John Brown
2-17Heart Of Mine
3-1Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
3-2John Hardy (John Hardy Was A Desperate Man)
3-3The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
3-4John Brown
3-5I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
3-6Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long (Go Ahead, Baby)
3-8I Want You
3-9Oh Boy
3-10Tangled Up In Blue
3-11Simple Twist Of Fate
3-12The Boy In The Bubble
3-13Heart Of Mine
3-14Pledging My Time
3-15Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
3-16The Wicked Messenger
3-17Watching The River Flow
4-1Under Your Spell
4-2I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
4-3Blues Stay Away From Me
4-4If Not For You
4-5The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
4-6Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
4-7I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
4-8I'm Free
4-9They Killed Him
4-10Pledging My Time
4-11Oh Boy
The Grateful Dead Hour #705, Broadcast Week Of 25 March 2002
4-12All Along The Watchtower
4-14David Gans Announcement
4-15Oh Boy
4-16John Brown
4-17Folsom Prison Blues
4-18Gotta Serve Somebody
4-19Hideaway / CC Rider

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