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Thursday, August 4

Bob Weir to join the festivities for the 40th Anniversary of the Band's Last Waltz. Saturday August 6, 2016 NY,NY

Bob Weir to join the festivities for the 40th Anniversary of the Band's Last Waltz 

Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Rick Danko, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson,Ronnie Hawkins and Levon Helm with Garth Hudson in the back.

Nearing the 50th anniversary of the Band's final show it's time to start milking that cow. It certainly helps that it's hands down one of the finest concert documentaries ever made, and was directed by Martin Scorsese. Also, being a Bill Graham production, it was going to be special.

After a slew of Last Waltz commemorations in different cities and with different lineups over the years, this one is scheduled to be held for free in New York at Damrosch Park on Sat. Aug 6th. That's not much planning time for those elsewhere in the country if you were on the fence but if you live in the NY tri-state area, a free show, including Bob Weir is a can't miss opportunity.
While this lineup doesn't even touch the original held at Winterland, where Bill Graham arranged a Thanksgiving dinner for all in attendance, this lineup is no slouch either. Under the direction of long time Dylan guitarist Larry Campbell, the artists include Levon Helm's longtime Midnight Ramble Band and will be joined on the bill by such names as  Dr. John, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Anderson East, Howard Johnson. Dr. John and Howard Johnson were both at the original Last Waltz. These events are going on all around the country and look forward to one in your area. The original was on November 25, 1976.  Although, The Band would go on to perform without Robbie Robertson in the early 90's. That incarnation of the Band never reclaimed creative spark that they  had from backing Bob Dylan from 65 through his years at Woodstock and the amazing Basement Tapes, to their incredible performance at the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen with the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band. That show, held on July 28,1973 is almost as famous for the soundcheck as for the show. It once even held the Guinness Book of World Records title of "Largest Audience at a Pop Festival". After the amazing, Music From Big Pink, the Band went on to record several more great albums and joined Bob Dylan on the "Before the Flood" tour which was the fastest concert sellout in history at one time.In so many words, The Band was an amazingly talented group and the artists paying them tribute have some big shoes to fill, trying to slide into The Last Waltz's Shaq-sized shoes.

Just for kicks, if you love the Band and The Last Waltz, give a listen to Rock of Ages. It's not as popular because there isn't an award-winning film attached to it but it is an amazing live album at any rate.
Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

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