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Thursday, August 4

Backwood Music Festival is Going Bigger and Better in its second year.

Backwood Music Festival is Going Bigger and Better in its second year. 
Backwood Music Festival Expands Venue

Backwoods Music Festival has added a fourth night to it's already expansive Labor Day weekend schedule.  They will be kicking off the festival Thursday night with performances by Desert Dwellers, Space Jesus and Esseks.  If you are not familiar with the Backwoods Music Festival, it is time to add it to your festival itinerary.  
Last year, they started things off right with fire and music that is the hallmark of a truly memorable festival.  Now they are in their second year and have become the nine hundred pound gorilla in the regional music scene.  For those considering attending from out of the area, you have a unique opportunity to travel the historic Route 66.  The venue site is right in the middle of the iconic traveling route.  

This year, the folks at Backwoods have put together quite a line up.  Nero (Live), Moe., Big Gigantic, and Nakho and Medicine for the People are just some of the headliners with a wide selection of bands will be performing.  This will be accompanied by a visual spectacle of light and fire that has to be seen to be believed.  Come join me in Agra, Oklahoma for the show that will make your festival season.
Words & Photos: Grav Weldon 
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger