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Monday, August 29

All Roads Lead To Dick's. A quick look back and a small peak ahead. A Phish editorial by Kevin Long

All Roads Lead To Dick's. A quick look back and a small peak ahead.  A Phish editorial by Kevin Long 

Phish’s two adventurous festival shows at LOCKN’ while not perfect were definitely a positive sign. All tours lead to Dicks in 3.0 and sitting in Erie, Colorado, I feel more confident after watching the two streams that our boys delivered at LOCKN'. If you compare The LOCKN’ shows to other non Phish festival sets all four smell that much sweeter. 
    It's not so much what they did it's what they did not do. They did not play a twelve song second set, they also did not pull any head scratching song placements. I think on both nights they played quite a bit of timeless Phish jams. That Ghost>Gin the first night left the plantation and showed briefly the form they displayed all of last year. Sunday’s show was my favorite of the two but mainly due to personal preference. I loved the attention “Tube” got and “First Tube” they both were first stanza stand outs. I also loved the entire second set last night. Sure at Dick's “Carini” will get a shit load dirtier, but I loved “Tweezer” until they encored with a crowd pleasing “Loving Cup”. Our Band is rounding back to form just in time for another epic Dick's run and a mystical fall. I know one thing for sure, I can't fucking wait for Labor Day weekend it will be full of family Phish, and gratitude. I love this Band! We are all guilty when it comes to over analyzing our favorite band. That's why* is short for fanatic. 
Kevin Long 
*stream inspired product placement