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Saturday, July 30

Tonight We Say Goodbye To The Most Magical Band Since The Grateful Dead? How Magic Returned

Tonight, We Say Goodbye To The Most Magical Band Since The Grateful Dead? How The Magic Returned 

 Magical does not mean the best. Look it up and calm down.”Ok, Hear me out.”Bob Weir could not sell out bars for years after Jerry died. Twenty one long strange years later. He is filling up stadiums without Phil and with a pop star that was on a media spiral. He is now playing Jerry Garcia's rusty strings every time. The Dead nation said, "pass the whisky around", convinced it would end worse than Amy Winehouse's legacy. But a fucking band broke out and don't tell me they ain't got no heart. You just have to Oteil around.The missing factor has always been heart! It's always been about the sacred songs, the problem was how they had been performed. It did  not matter who played them. It's harder than picking a jury for the O.J trial. But the force found two virtuosos that had not been exposed to The Grateful way. Shit, Ponyboy was changing outfits for the third time that morning when he heard "Althea" on Pandora in 2009. No wonder his records sucked, he was raised on Loverboy. Bobby grew fond of the kid and the man crush is obviously reciprocated. Orteil's interesting as it is different  approach to the bass, has rejuvenated Billy and Mickey and that eight armed monster is still crazy as ever. They are truly a band beyond description. They play the tunes with as much love and more excitement than the missing legions of fans. They play with more  passion than those that live to hear them. Because any Deadhead knows how the song sounds when it's crying like the wind . The dream with love had returned. It did not take long for that missing ingredient to keep on dancing. My advice; enjoy tonight like it's the last time you see this incarnation. But don't you cry, Thank you Ponyboy  for reminding me "This song it ain't never going to end”. GD50 was special, but I will treasure the summer when at the age of 41 I forgot about the time...........after tonight the band will be packed up and gone or were they ever hear at all.

#Thank You And Keep On Dancing
Kevin Long and Rob Frey