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Thursday, July 7

There is no stopping Dead and Company after another stellar show in Detroit, Michigan.

There is no stopping Dead and Company after another stellar show in Detroit,Michigan. Setlist and Recap 

     The boys of summer can actually get a senior citizen discount. Who could have predicted the quality of music Dead and Company keep delivering each show? Only scheduling 3-4 shows a week was brilliant, as it keeps Bobby and the Devils fresh. Tonight, they rolled into Detroit, Michigan and kept with traditional GD openers with the coveted"Jack Straw". It almost evolved into a reggae jam before returning to form. They kept with the blues bust outs with" Big Boss Man" finding its way back into the setlist. Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece" was next and sounded so sweet. I really have missed this song. The set also included a spirited"Sugaree" before ended with the classic "Don't Ease me In" to close a solid first set. 
     The second set is real interesting on paper and the fact they made it crackling is a nod to this band's greatness. They can make any songs epic or dance together. Case in point, the first part of the second set. "Playing in the Band" into "Estimated Prophet" then it bled into an unusual second set"Cumberland Blues"into "Truckin'" before jamming their way back to "Playing in the Band". WoW! "The Wheel" cane out of Space into the second "Dear Prudence"of the summer. "Casey Jones" closed the smoking,  if unconventional second set. "Johnny B. Goode" sent everyone to Alpine Valley content and carefree.  This magical summer tour marches on. 

Written by: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger