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Tuesday, July 19

THE BELOVED FESTIVAL Aug 12 - 15, 2016 - Tidewater, OR. Full Details!

Aug 12 - 15, 2016 -  Tidewater, OR

When Meditation & Music Collide you get the future of music festivals. Experience the future now at Beloved Festival Four-Day Sacred Music & Art Festival in Oregon this August.
Set to take place in a stunning coastal forest just two hours south of Portland, Beloved is a celebration of global diversity. Each year the event features a wellspring of nationally and internationally renowned performers, sacred art, workshops, movement classes and guided ritual; the annual 4-day camping festival openly embraces the sacred in its many forms.

An alternative to the multi-stage fanfare where guests hustle from stage to stage, Beloved hosts all of its musical performers on one central stage which acts the centerpiece of the event. Each artist is carefully curated to accent the conscious theme of the festival while bringing participants on a holistic journey through music, arts, education and meditation.

In addition to the main stage area, Beloved cultivates an array of experiential attractions to keep the mind and body nourished. Festival zones such as The Temple Meadow provide a place for individual and group prayer as well as non-denominational guidance in meditation and movement. At each of the three workshop zones, educational programs aptly highlight concepts surrounding re-connection, movement, and yoga. Additional festival micro-zones include the Temple of Awe, a performance and developmental space with a focus on engaging conversations on world culture, traditions, and providing educational opportunities in understanding relationships and development. 
“Fully engage every single moment.”
-Festival Producer, Elliot Rasenick
Rather than brush important cultural conversations under the rug, Beloved openly encourages topics of injustice and narratives geared towards decisive and constructive change. The festival actively engages subjects like sexual power, privilege, violence, and consent; allowing organizers and participants alike to make conscious thought a reality in daily life. Harnessing the tagline 'A Sneak Peak of the New Paradigm', Beloved creates a moving narrative which bridges ancient traditions with contemporary values to highlight the connection and evolution of humanity.

With a focus on health and well-being, Beloved also includes a range of bodywork options, sauna and hot showers for festival participants to enjoy each day. Additionally, festival organizers have arranged stand-out greening techniques including onsite composting, a rare 'dish-share' style kitchen for dramatically reducing festival waste and is developing prototype composting toilets as an alternative to chemically induced port-o-potties often used at large events.

Truly a boutique festival experience; each year attendance is capped at a mere 2,500 people, and for the last six years, the festival has sold-out - nearly tripling the town population for the duration of the 4-day event.

Tickets for the event are moving swiftly, and event organizers encourage festival goers to purchase tickets in advance of its annual sell-out. For more information about the Beloved Festival and everything that makes this sacred-niche event unique check out the official website at