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Sunday, July 31

The Amps are Barely Cooled Off but the Rumor Mill has Already been Spinning. Speculative Fall tour dates

The amps have barely cooled off and people are already jonesing for more. The rumor mill is spinning thanks to this photo taken a couple of months ago but surfacing just now.

courtesy of: Thoughts on the Dead

Speculation has been brewing for awhile now on whether Dead and Company have any more shows or not but this picture seems to suggest that a fall tour is in the works. John Mayer has other commitments but he's having so much fun, to quote one of my favorite authors,"My favorite thing about deadlines is the sound of them whooshing by".  I've done some independent research and the only conflict was Gwen Stefani is booked at Shoreline on Oct. 8. So that is the only conflict and these aren't verified but that's how the rumor mill works. None of the other venues on the picture have anything up for those dates. So? We can all cross our crazy fingers the music won't stop.
Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

Speculative tour dates:

9/30 Ridgefield WA
10/1 The Gorge, WA
10/4 Salt Lake City UT
10/7  Shoreline Amphitheater (I took out the 8th b/c Gwen Stefani)
10/11 Phoenix AZ
10/12 San Diego CA
10/14 and 10/15  Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA

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