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Friday, July 15

Take a Listen to the Grateful Dead Album that could have been. In the Nineties, a CD Emerged that had all the Best Nineties Material on it but it never came to be.

Take a listen to what the last Grateful Dead record could have sounded like. From, "So Many Roads" and "Days Between" to "Corinna" and "Easy Answers". A live/concert-sourced version of this "album" surfaced in the late 90's. It was written on the file/cd cover that it was the tracks that were going to be on the new album and the tracklist was leaked by a band member. However, the rumour mill said that it was near impossible to get the band into the studio at that point. One of the versions that was released was called "Earthquake Country" (which was a title actually kicking around for Aoxomoxoa instead...) and also referenced a little known song called "California Earthquake" and it only utilized live concert recordings and not studio quality recordings. This is a sonic upgrade/ album oriented version, compared to that "live" version. Many felt that the Grateful Dead, who true to form, played many songs live before they took them into the studio, had built up enough material for a new album and one look at the tracklist and you can see the best album since the early 70's. WIth Garcia's early passing, it put the kibosh on the project and all we are left with are the songs. Which knowing the Dead's album track record, may have been a good thing. Only kidding, but  "Go to Heaven", really?

I don't think anyone will make the claim that the band were at their best in the late 90's but the genius of some of those tunes can't be denied and are still played today and loved as if they were being sung by Jerry himself. I, myself, would trade " Broken Arrow" for "Wave to the Wind" but since it doesn't matter, the tracklist is all up to the listeners. So if you were around for the last shows and want a trip back or a new fan that didn't get a chance to hear the old, new songs, here is your chance. My only problem is that some of them are not song by the Grateful Dead when there are plenty of SBD versions out there. The bootleg tape (yes, tape) I had was all Grateful Dead versions but let us know what you think.  
Get your fix of 90's studio Dead in the playlist below:
So Many Roads (1995, Full Album):
1. Liberty (0:00)
2. Wave to the Wind (5:18) 
3. Corinna (13:04) 
4. Lazy River Road (22:13) 
5. Eternity (29:03) 
6. So Many Roads (36:30) 
7. Way To Go Home (42:26) 
8. Days Between (47:56) 
9. Easy Answers ( 58:57) 
10. Childhood’s End ( 1:02:50)
Information regarding tracks:
Liberty: From P+F Studio album [TaBA, 2002]
Wave to the Wind: From the March 17th, 1993 Soundcheck at The Capital Centre.
Corinna: From Ratdog’s Evening Moods album (2000)
Lazy River Road: 2/18/1993 Studio Outtake From the 1999 GD Compilation CD - [So Many Roads]
Eternity: 2/18/1993 Studio Outtake From the 1999 GD Compilation CD - [So Many Roads]
So Many Roads: Take #6 from studio sessions on feb. 13th, 1992.
Way To Go Home: 2/17/92 Rehearsal Outtake.
Days Between: 2/18/1993 Studio Outtake From the 1999 GD Compilation CD - [So Many Roads]
Easy Answers: From RW’s "Trios" album (1994)
Childhood’s End: From a SBD/EQ'ed P+F’s show [5/27/00]
Omitted Tracks: “Samba In The Rain” (Studio recording, but not very well-received by deadheads throughout the 90’s), and “If The Shoe Fits” (No studio recording exists/circulating).
The album cover is from a publicity photo shoot taken at Club Front Studios, February 17th, 1992.
It was a shame it never came together because almost all of the songs in this compilation are winners and would have been a wonderful album. Hope you all like the “album that never was, but could’ve been."
Thank you to the Tapers, and more importantly the Grateful Dead for all the good times. 
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Written by: Kevin Long/ Greg Heffelfinger
Edited by: Geg Heffelfinger