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Monday, July 11

"K I M O C K" I hope it is not just a three night stand. A review of The Colorado Shows. Tour Dates!

"K I M O C K "I hope it's not just a three night stand. A review of The Colorado Shows. Tour Dates!

  I have been a huge Steve Kimock fan since the mid 90s. At times, following this virtuoso is a double edged sword. Steve switches musical projects more often than John Mayer changes his wardrobe. K.V.H.W broke my heart, and I put it back together, just for The Steve Kimock Band to come along and rip it out once again. 

That is when I decided I would embrace each new project with the same love that caused its formation. After my three night stand in Colorado with his newest band K I M O C K, I am thinking about getting married once again. The music is absolutely groundbreaking.  

   I have often written that no voice is sweeter than Steve’s guitar. But the band's vocalist Leslie Mendelson's voice certainly adds a sultry layer to this band and I love her on vocals. It also does not hurt that she is a talent behind the keys and can hold her own on the contemporary compositions like "My Favorite Number" we hold so dear. Bobby Vega and Kimock’s son round out this intimate band.

     K I M O C K hits the road again tonight in Seattle. Kimock fans will be euphoric as the new band touches on all of Steve’s influences; new and old. The music flirts with Eastern and Western folk music while ambient electronic expressions wash over their musical canvas. One moment you're enjoying a new song like “Satellite City” and the next you are lost in a complicated twenty minute “Crazy Fingers” This band has the perfect chemistry for this ambitious new music. Between Vega on bass and his own flesh and blood behind the kit, that's over fifty years of jamming together. The end result is a musical achievement.
Over the three nights they mixed up new songs perfectly with classics and covers. Even encoring with an acoustic ”Hillbillies on PcP” at The Aggie. That gets to the heart of why this band is so special. They literally can and will play anything from Steve’s expansive catalogue. For example, Leslie sang a stunning version of Dylan's, " Queen Jane Approximately". The band then followed it with a jazzy, new composition off “The Last Dangers Of Frost” and not an ounce of energy was lost with the attentive crowd. It was easily the most intimate music that I have seen Steve or any musician share in years. I would take a few days off of work because a one night stand is not enough once you experience the unique music of K I M O C K.

This fan is wishing for another relationship with this special group of musicians. It's easily Steve's most ambitious project to date and it very well may be his crowning achievement. 
Words: Kevin Long
Photos:Rob Frey
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger

Tour Dates:

Date    City    Venue
07/11/16    Seattle, WA    The Triple Door
Time: 8:30pm. BUY TICKETS
07/12/16    Sandpoint, ID    The Hive
Time: 8:00pm. BUY TICKETS More information
07/13/16    Missoula, MT    Top Hat Lounge
Time: 8:00pm. SUPPORT: Jerry Joseph VIP Packages available thru Kimock Ticketing Related post. BUY TICKETS
07/15/16    Alta, WY    Targhee Music Festival
Time: 12:00pm. BUY TICKETS
07/16/16    Salt Lake City, UT    The State Room
Time: 12:00pm. VIP Packages available thru Kimock Ticketing BUY TICKETS
09/16/16    San Francisco, CA    Great American Music Hall
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $26.00. Age restrictions: All Ages. Related post. BUY TICKETS