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Sunday, July 10

Happy 7/10 Day Family! Click here to read and see all about how thisDabtastic Stoner Holiday came to be and is it related to TerrapinStation.

Happy 7/10 Day Family! Click here to read and see all about how this Dabtastic Stoner Holiday came to be and is it related to Terrapin Station.

According to the Weed Blog, 7/10 is a stoner Holiday that celebrates dabs and concentrates in particular. I just moved to back to Colorado myself, all I knew before I got out here was that dabs got you ripped. So for our fellow Deadheads who live in the areas of America that are still oppressed here is The Weed Blogs definition on Tabs.
What is a Dab
I actually wrote an entire article on this topic, but in a nutshell, dabs are concentrated forms of marijuana (hash). The most common forms are made with a solvent like butane or CO2, but there are other ways of making dabs. To read my article that is conveniently titled ‘what are dabs’ click this link here.

Who Invented 7-10 as a Holiday. 

As with most things in marijuana culture, there’s no way to know for sure who coined the term 710 and applied it to marijuana concentrates. There are no doubt many, many people out there that claim that they were the ones that started it, or know the person that did. Such things are nearly impossible to prove, so rather than even try, we will just say that someone, sometime in the last handful of years started using the phrase and it stuck.
Here at Grateful Music, we subscribe to Occam's razor and it's easier if I demonstrate.  
See Oil up side down, but like all stoner holidaze the true origin is most likely blowin in the weed. But, oil is the ultimate concentrate and hitting it does put you on your ass...... Looking Up? Now! The big question, does the Terrapin Train being labeled 7/10 have anything to do with this holiday. The lyrics of Casey Jones sound similar to a 7/10 train but are in reality a different train. I think if there is a holiday about a buzz the lore will mystically connect itself to our beautiful bands culture. My local dispensary certainly celebrates as they were caring enough to wake me up to this informative text. "Happy 710 @ AJOYA! $20 GR of Shatter! $20 350MG Cartridges! Get a FREE Dabber & Silicone Jar with ANY RIG! $450 OZs of SHATTER! Reply STOP 2 Quit
. So, there you have it! If you save money it's officially an American Holidaze 5138008
By Kevin Long 

The Terrapin Train most likely refers to the house at 710 Ashbury in SF where the Grateful Dead all lived together since dabs weren't around in 90-91 but everyone loves a good mystery!
By: Greg Heffelfinger