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Sunday, July 31

From Robert Hunter's journal: 7-30-06. His thoughts on Faith and his Place

 The sage of the Grateful Dead has some thoughts on faith, purpose, and following your muse. This is from his journal ten years ago, yesterday. Give it some thought. It's quite common for a lot of people to think that Jerry wrote his own lyrics because they fit him so perfectly. Well, the man behind the words fit hand in glove with Jerry because he was as open and curious and intelligent as all the other members of the band.  One of the craziest tour experiences of my life was with Kevin and a friend when we saw The Dead (2002 version) when Hunter was playing during the setbreak in Indianapolis and Chicago.  When I look back at those setlists, I realize what a gift we have now. Check out those setlists to realize how lucky we are to have Dead & Company.  As for Chicago and Indy, well, don't tell me those towns ain't got no heart, just gotta poke around.

 "Well actually I kind of tacitly believe, without spending much time explaining it to myself or others, that as long as I'm doing what I feel talented for and am driven to do, and not acting too selfishly about it, I'm acting appropriately for what I am. Should I put that aside to spend time acquiring faith in something else? Somebody's religion? Somebody's politics? What if I later found out I was wasting the time I should have been spending doing what I feel I'm best cut out to do? I'm certain there's something bigger than my brain and my ego going on. I kind of take that for granted, how could it be otherwise? I'd love to believe I'm working in concert with whatever that is. I hope so. If that's faith, then I have it. If not, show me a sign."
- Robert Hunter

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

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