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Wednesday, July 13

Dead and Company Performed another chef-d'oeuvre at First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

Dead and Company Performed another chef-d'oeuvre at First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

For anybody that thought Dead and Company would take the night off being that it's sandwiched between weekends at Alpine and Fenway Park. I am convinced this band is incapable of a mediocre show. Tonight found them in Burgettstown, PA. at The First Niagara Pavilion. It's safe to assume that city will be forever altered after the majestic two sets Dead and Company delivered on a Wednesday evening. 
      The night got off to a promising start with one of my favorite openers "Hell in a Bucket". Bobby was still in fine form as whoever scheduled this tour is a genius. I can't help but wonder if we did not milk Jerry dry with the brutal touring schedule when Stevie Wonder could see he was not well where we would be. But gratefully this band is honoring everything that was good about the Grateful Dead. After a smoking "Bucket" John kept the Vibe on overdrive with a confident"Bertha" that had the masses up and dancing in approval. The bust out of the night was in the form of another Dylan cover with a rousing rendition of "Maggie's Farm". The first stanza closed in dreamlike fashion with "Looks like a Rain", "Row Jimmy" before a thunderous first set " Throwing Stones" ended a spirited first half. 
       The second set opened with my favorite opener "Shakedown Street" to the delight of the dancing dead heads now safe under the spell of darkness. Things got interesting with a performance of thier uncovential but effective"Uncle John's Band. This ignited the improvisation as it melted inton a wicked cover of " Watchtower". If you were thinking times for Drums you would not have been alone. The entire audience erupted as Bobby led them into a welcomed"China>Rider". Oteil led the jam between the two into outer space before perfectly slipping into the celebrated"I Know You Rider". Bobby finally got his oxygen he deserved as the Rythem Devils went into an agmented portions of "Drums and " Space" as curfew was threatening to become an issue. A tearjerker was performed perfectly when an extended "Black Peter" evolved out of Space. Bobby handled the lyrics with tact and heart. They got the arena shaking again as the closed the show with a smoking "Johney B. Goode. 
  The band still had a surprise up thier musical sleeve as they encored with the return of Wilson Picketts' classic "In the Midnight Hour". Bobby seemingly not wanting this incredible evening to end he even pulled a "WAIT A MINUTE" like the good ole days. When you get down to the heart of this impossible summer it is like the good ole days. The long strange trip is about to collide with Fenway Park for a weekend of legend. What a fucking band. 
By Kevin Long 


Tour: 2016 U.S. Tour

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